Tips for your Wi-Fi@Home Experience

Your Internet and Wi-Fi@Home experience is determined by a variety of factors. In order to get the best experience from your Wi-Fi@Home service, keep these tips in mind.

Location, Location, Location

The location of your ATMC Wireless Gateway is very important to your overall Wi-Fi experience. Consider these choices and tradeoffs about the location of your Gateway:

  • If you use Wi-Fi equally throughout the house, the Wireless Gateway should be placed as close to the middle of your home as possible. This helps provide the best possible Wi-Fi signal throughout.
  • If there is a primary media room where you use Wi-Fi the most, the Wireless Gateway should be placed there. This allows you to wire devices that require more bandwidth, such as streaming video or gaming systems, directly into your Gateway and minimize the wireless needs from these devices. If your media room isn’t in the middle of your home, the Wi-Fi signal strength for other devices could be impacted the farther you move from the Wireless Gateway.

Provide a Clear Path

Don’t block your Wireless Gateway’s signal.

  • To prevent weakening the Wi-Fi signal, avoid placing it in a closet or cabinet or putting it behind things such as a TV, furniture or staircase.
  • Don’t place it on the floor or low to the ground.
  • Don’t place it next to windows.
  • Open any doors to the room where you’ve placed the Wireless Gateway.

Your home’s construction and environment can interfere with your Wi-Fi’s signal:

Items that can interfere with Wi-Fi signals Potential for interference
Synthetic materialLow
Tinted glassLow/Medium
Cordless Phone (2.4GHz)Medium/High
MicrowaveMedium/High (up to 15 feet)
MetalVery High

Use Wired Connections When Possible

As fast as ATMC Wi-Fi@Home may be, wireless connections aren't as fast as wired connections. Devices such as streaming video players (such as Roku, Amazon Fire) or gaming systems (such as Xbox, PlayStation) need lots of bandwidth. Whenever possible, connect these devices to your Wireless Gateway via a wired Ethernet connection.

New Devices

All Wi-Fi-enabled devices are built to 802.11 Wi-Fi standards. Most new Wi-Fi devices support 802.11g/n and often the latest 802.11ac standards, which all allow for greater throughput speed. Older standards, such as 802.11b, however, can slow down your Wi-Fi experience. Check your older Wi-Fi devices and potentially upgrade any that support only 802.11b. Once you no longer need the 802.11b standard, sign in to your Wireless Gateway and set your broadcast standard to include only 802.11g/n/. This will lead to improved Wi-Fi performance.

Run One Network

Whenever possible, do not run more than one Wi-Fi network in your home using other routers. Devices that connect to more than one network may have trouble keeping a constant connection, and the networks will interfere with one another. Other challenges include items such as baby monitors, cordless phones and even microwave ovens can also cause interference. Try to ensure that monitors and phones run on separate channels from the 2.4 and 5GHz channels that your Wireless Gateway uses and, if possible, turn off those networks when not in use.

Check Wi-Fi Speeds

Different devices can perform more or less effectively when it comes to Wi-Fi speed. When using our ATMC Speed Test, check the Wi-Fi speeds on all your devices when you are near your Wireless Gateway. Be aware of which devices may have lower speeds and might not perform well when they are farther from the Wireless Gateway.

Wi-Fi Interference and Channel Width

If you live in an apartment or townhome, you may have many neighbors who have Wi-Fi networks of their own. This might cause some Wi-Fi interference. If your Wi-Fi devices have trouble connecting, limiting the channel width on your Wireless Gateway may help. To limit the channel width, sign in to your Wireless Gateway and minimize the channel width to 20Mhz for your 2.4 GHz network and 20/40 for your 5GHz network. This may assist in minimizing the Wi-Fi “noise” for your devices.

Find Your Home’s Dead Spots

ATMC’s Wireless Gateways use the latest in Wi-Fi technology, however you still may have lower Wi-Fi speeds in certain parts of your house.

As you walk through your home, watch your Wi-Fi ‘”bars”. The farther you are from your gateway, the fewer bars you’ll see on your device. For even more detail, you can use free apps to see the changing Wi-Fi strength as you walk through various rooms of your home. Tools will show a bar measuring actual signal strength in dBms; the higher the score approaching -30 dBm, the better. Signal strength lower than -70 dBm may result in poor Wi-Fi performance.

This feedback will help you determine the best rooms for using your Wi-Fi-enabled devices, especially those requiring high bandwidth, such as streaming video or gaming systems.


Like any software, it’s beneficial to occasionally reboot your Wireless Gateway. One great benefit is that the Auto Channel Selection will run and update if it sees any changes to your home’s Wi-Fi environment. This helps to make sure you have the best possible Wi-Fi speeds. Simply unplug your Gateway, wait a moment, and plug it back in. All your devices should automatically reconnect.

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