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Why Advertise on ATMC Digital Cable?

Advertising is critical to maintaining awareness and influencing customer buying decisions. Your goal is to effectively and cost-efficiently gain an advantage over your competition. Nothing does this better than Cable TV advertising.

By advertising on ATMC Digital Cable you have the ability to reach over 25,000 potential customers who live within 20 miles of your business right here in Brunswick County. And, because you have the ability to place your professionally produced commercial on any number of over 30 networks, you can zero in on the target market you want to reach based on their television viewing preferences. Unlike newspaper, outdoor advertising, direct mail and countless other marketing methods, with cable TV advertising, there is no waste.

Advantages of Cable TV Advertising

  • Target your specific customers
  • Campaigns to fit any budget
  • Reach customers who live near you
  • Enhance your business’ image
  • Increase in-store traffic
  • Attract new customers


Simply the best advertising money you will ever spend - from scripting, to filming, to editing, our award-winning production staff will create an exciting commercial that will make your business stand out. And it’s affordable too. You can have a fantastic television spot produced for about the same cost as a half-page newspaper ad.


Conceived and produced from the networks, these promotions are linked to national marketing efforts. A network-produced taggable commercial allows you the unique opportunity to link your business with a specific program or network. When a national network’s promotion doesn’t fit the bill, create your own spin with a custom package designed to fit your needs.


Cable TV Advertising offers the services of a research department dedicated to providing clients up-to-date audience analysis.

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